Welcome to Community Events

Our Tots Football programme is open to all children aged between 4 and 6 years old. We are passionate about developing the skills required for children to embark on their footballing journey. We are passionate about developing the whole child and use football as the catalyst to develop vital skills such as social skills, behaviour, attitude, respect and even educational skills such as colours and numbers. 

We strongly believe children develop more efficiently when 'learning through play'. This means every session is designed so children are learning something new whilst having as much fun as possible. All of our games and drills are specifically designed for maximum touches of the ball. The games are progressively challenging enabling new skills to be learnt each lesson, however children are able to work within their ability. Children will remain engaged throughout all sessions ,either mentally or physically, meaning we avoid long lines of bored children! 

All sessions take on Sundays, 09:00am- 10:00am, at the Farnley Academy. The first session is entirely free and will cost just £5 a week after that.

Should anyone be interested please contact:- Email : Tom Leeming or call : 0790 4634 666

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