Proposed Development – Whitehall Road New Farnley  

A number of residents that surround and back onto the field that is, Whitehall Road, Walsh Lane, Low Moor Side and Castle Ings Gardens (ONLY) have received a leaflet that shows the outline plan and Dwelling Breakdown.

This plan depicts “Potential connection to a non definitive footpath, possible green space and includes drainage attention,
pedestrian link, existing pedestrian route and Whitehall Road potential vehicular access, of which to achieve this: they would have to demolish two detached bungalows.

At this stage the information is vague which is a concern to the residents in question, however this proposed development does not just concern the residents in question but the whole of the village. There will be 130 dwellings built, each with a minimum of one car (possibly 2 or more) per household, which will have to come and go from Whitehall Road. The potential chaos on the junction at Whitehall Road during the rush hour would be horrendous.

On the leaflet itself is a “contact name and email” This is the only way you can “voice your opinion” on this development, we
know not everyone in the village uses a computer so some people will need a little help. Lets everyone get behind this campaign to stop this development in its tracks. If you know someone who needs help in voicing their concerns please help them. 

The email address and contact name is - Jon Dunbavin - ID Planning email: 

Please use the contact form on this site to confirm you have email Jon (Contact Us) as it would be good feedback to have a rough idea of people who have sent emails, the more people emailing Jon the stronger the case against building.Thank You. 

Ann Blackburn has been away on holiday but has contacted New Farnley Residents Association today to let us know that she'll be looking into the plan and will get back to us ASAP. As soon as she does New Farnley Residents Association will let everyone know and we can see where we go from there in the meantime please email your comments or objections to

New Farnley have just received confirmation of the Conservation Area at Upper Moor Side, see the poster.


We have been given information that hopefully will be an alternative to Housing. The Community Woodland could be lifeline for the village and the benefits are many and wonderful. Creating woodland in our area would add to the quality green space close to your home and open up access for your community and future generations. Besides planting trees and plants that encourage wildlife would be wonderful for the area, paths could be included for walks through the woodland.

Please check out the website and let us know what your thoughts are by using the contact form on this website (Contact Us).

Proposed Development Update:
On 18th August a Vision Group meeting was held. It was great to see Pat Fletcher Chairperson of the Residents Association attend this meeting. Pat updated the Vision Group members that Cllr Ann Blackburn had been contacted about the land and she was waiting to here back from her. After various discussions relating to the land behind Whitehall Road/Castle Ings it was agreed that the Committee of the Residents Association would take the lead in monitoring any developments, and they would arrange future meetings. The Vision Group Committee agreed to support the Residents Association and they would object to any proposed development in reference to the Village Design Statement's recommendations. Since the meeting on the 18th August it was brought to the Vision Groups attention that all residents around Castle Ings/Whitehall Road Road had received individual letters regarding further proposed development of 130 houses. The Vision Group whilst dealing with another planning issue of 29 Back Lane .the 30th August Also discussed the current proposals to build 130 house on Whitehall Road. It was agreed that an urgent meeting should be arranged by the Residents Association in order for them to voice their concerns. As agreed the Vision Group will object to any proposed development. We have contacted ID Planning (which is an independant planning services. Theire clients are Redrow and Park Homes) this company are specialists in undertaking consultations for proposed developers. The Vision Group have also logged an objection with Leeds City Planning Team reminding them about the Village Design Statement, and its status of been a 'supplementary planning document' which has to be taken into consideration of any future proposed developments. It is essential that anyone who has a copy or has access to a computer. To look again at the Village Design Statement particularly page 5 (New Farnley Vision Group) and pages 63/64/ I would recommend that any letters or consultation meetings that are used as part of ID Planning Services and Leeds Planning that the Village Design Documents are used as appropriate references. 

New Information 7th October:

PAS field development

Further to the Vision Group contacting Leeds Planning Board in August. They contacted me mid September stating that at that point they had not received any outline planning application from ID Planning for the proposed development. Following concerns raised by some residents attending the conservation meeting last night about the proposals. I contacted Kate Mansell who is the case worker from Leeds Planning Board. She advised me that she has only just received the outline planning application last week from ID Planning so the actual consultation process for the proposals has not started. Kate advised me that it will start next week when she will be putting posters up around the area adjacent to the proposed development. She may also be sending addtional letters out. The whole consultation process will take up to probably mid December for residents to object. Kate also has confirmed that as part of the consultation process Leeds Planning Board have a statutory duty to look at the Village Design Statement as this is a supplementary planning document. All this information has been passed onto the Residents Association who will be arranging meetings. 

Sites Allocations Development Plan for Leeds

Sites Allocation Plan.doc

The above Sites Allocation Plan is a copy of the proposed sites situated within Leeds that may be subject to building on in the future, please have a look at this as it may be of concern to New Farnley residents.

Sites Allocations Development Plan - Update

To those New Farnley residents who back onto the field from Low Moor Side, Whitehall Road and Castle Ings Gardens. The information below is a copy from the Sites Allocations Plan, Section 3: Area Proposals: Outer West. Publication Draft, Leeds Local Development Framework, Development Plan Document September 2015.

This document is available to download from the Leeds City Councill website at:-  The page you need to look at is 67. As you can see this land is protected until 2028 (13 years) when future development may be looked into, but in the meantime it looks positive that no development will take place on this land. The document below is a the information relating to this particular land. 
Safeguarded Land.pdf

Upper Moor Side Conservation Appraisal
Matthew Bentley Senior Conservation Officer for Leeds City Council. As part of the Conservation Appraisal presented a very interesting power point and talk about the whole process of conservation appraisals and specifically Upper Moor Side. The meeting was well attended and numerous questions followed the presentation. Matthew then met with individual residents to discuss their own questions. Matthew stated that he was very encouraged by the good turn out and relevant questions from the residents. Thank you to all residents who attended. 

Dog Waste - Help Clean Up New Farnley

The health risks from dog-wasteThe problem of dog waste around the village is getting worse and we at the New Farnley Vision Group are trying to tackle this problem and hopefully with your help we will change the situation. We are getting more bins around the village and YES you can put dog waste in ordinary bins so please when you take your dog out for a walk also take bags to pick up not only to make the village greens look better but to stop the spread of these diseases.Children who play outside are at the highest risk of infection from: Bacteria and parasites found in pet waste,flies can spread diseases found in pet waste, retinal disease (can cause blindness) and E.coli bacteria

A leaflet has been designed to inform you on the risks of not picking up dog waste, click on the link to view the leaflet Dog_Waste.pdf we now have a dog warden who will monitor the area with the possibility of fines being handed out to offenders.We have had a very good spell for the past year with no dog fouling along Low Moor Side Lane where the horses are this we thought was A RESULT, however another dog owner has taken over and this dog is much bigger. There is a bin at the bottom of the lane for people to put their dog waist in, we had it installed specifically for that reason to try to clear the grass border of dog waste. If you are walking up the lane and your dog goes to the loo then PLEASE PICK IT UP AND TAKE IT HOME OR TO THE NEXT NEAREST BIN. Dog waste in not only unsightly but brings the area down - so to the guilty party (you know who you are) next time you walk make sure you have enough poo bags and if you sent your son or daughter to walk the dog give them the bags and tell them to pick up. There are quite a number of bins around the area and within the park there are NINE plus the ones down towards Lawns Lane so please keep our village tidy and PICK UP AND BIN IT.

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