Welcome to the New Farnley Vision Group

Aim of the group

The New Farnley Vision Group  was established in 2006 to protect and promote the heritage, history and environment of New Farnley and its surroundings. Another important aim is to press for improvements in public facilities and resources.

Work of the group

The Vision Group has worked hard over the years to improve things and has collaborated with community groups, councillors and  council officers, for example, we have pressed for improvements in local parks, roads, footpaths and the appearance of the area. We also publish a regular newsletter.

An important bit of our activity has also been to work towards a Village Design Statement, which considers the character and protection of the local area. Once accepted, the City Council needs to consult such documents in considering future plans. We expect the design statement to be approved in the near future.


The New Farnley Vision Group meets on the third Thursday of every alternate month at 7pm in the Lancasterian School Room.  If you would like to get involved or have concerns about the village, please come along. Residents from New Farnley are always welcome.

Future meetings 2017:

Held at The Lancasterian School Room 7.00pm

Proposed Development:
The ongoing proposal of building on the land between Low Moor Side, Castle Ings Gardens and Whitehall Road, has had a boost for the village. The land known as the Butterfly Field has been withdrawn from sale which if sold could have been used to make a wider road offering an entrance into this field. We have been informed that the land has not=w returned to PAS land and will not be available for proposed building on for the foreseeable future.

Further information

Should you require any further information, please contact Maggie Thompson, The New Farnley Vision Group
Co-ordinator, on 0113-2854219 or get in touch with us via this website

 The Vision Group has raised concerns about the footpath leading down from the bus stop adjacent to AA Motors down to Walsh Lane. 

The Vision Group has raised concerns as to why various letters sent by the group objecting to a number of planning applications had not been recorded on the Leeds City Council's website as objections received. Enquiries into this still pending. 

Dog Fouling
The Vision Group have contacted the dog warden section about Low Moor Side Lane and a particular section of Back Lane opposite 27 Back Lane which has lots of dog poo. Requested more notices are put around these areas.

Playground & dog fouling
The Vision Group notified Parks Dept that a tree had fallen down onto the footpath into one of the play area entrances. Also some children had slipped on the mossy playarea surfaces. We have received a prompt reply from Parks who will deal with the tree and arrange to have the play area cleaned. We have also raised the question of having additional play equipment in the middle part of the small play area 

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